First “HSM3” song released: “Now or Never”

Radio Disney released the first song last night. It’s called “Now or Never” and it’s the opening number which is played during a basketball game between the Wildcats and another High School. Listen to it here:

ET Online also has a preview for the trailer/movie:

The full trailer and a 5-minute “First Look” from the Disney Channel will follow in the next days. They didn’t wait long to kickstart the promotion.

And finally, there is one brief video from the MTV Movie blog, where Ashley talks about her big musical number in HSM3.

Watch the clip:

Here is also the article from 11 July 2008 which comes with it (it’s mostly a transcript of the clip above):

Ashley Tisdale Brings Fergie, Stefani And Fosse To ‘High School Musical 3’ Dance Scene

What tools does a “High School Musical” character use to achieve her goals (or anything, for that matter)? Song and dance, of course. Well, at least that’s how Ashley Tisdale’s character, Sharpay, does it.

“Now she’s competing for this Julliard scholarship,” Tisdale revealed of her snobby songstress’ plot developments in the eagerly-anticipated, theatrically-released “High School Musical 3: Senior Year.” “You know how she is when she wants something! You know, she has to get it.”

In “HSM” terms, that means an over-the-top musical number that the whole world can’t wait to see. “I can’t say much,” she teased, “But she is around some tough competition. I think she feels [that entrance to the revered performing arts college] is her step to Broadway.”

As such, “HSM3” will make its dance moves more modern by reaching back into the playbook of one of Broadway’s greatest choreographers.

“We bring back a little bit of Fosse,” she revealed, citing a key scene opposite “High School” heartthrob Lucas Crabeel. “I have this musical number with my brother Ryan, and I’m trying to reel him back over to my side. Because, you know, now he is accepted by the Wildcats from the sequel.”

For those of you who missed “HSM2” (and really, why are you reading this instead of running to Blockbuster?), Sharpay and her twin brother have been a longtime dancing duo. In “HSM 3,” she’s determined to get him to quit basketball and slip back into his dancing shoes.

“So really, she’s like: Come to my side,” Tisdale explained, “and we will get the scholarship.”

The 23-year-old is also excited about the song for the scene, which will allow her to mix herself in with two of Tisdale’s all-time favorite artists. “There is a song that is like Gwen Stefani, meets Fergie, meets Sharpay Evans,” she explained, which to us means plenty of funky beats, spelling, and ego-driven lyrics about her curvy body. “It was so much fun!”

Although she had a great time filming the scene, it didn’t mean that the entire shooting process wasn’t a whole lot of work “It took three days, five wardrobe changes, and wig changes!” she said of filming the musical number. “It is going to be pretty big.”

Although Tisdale isn’t allowed to say the name of the song, she did give us details about some of those unmistakable Sharpay outfits that we are going to see once again. “They are just as crazy, but also now a little bit more designer,” admitted the actress who plays the self-proclaimed fashionista. “A little bit more Dolce & Gabbana kind of stuff, but everything is still Swarovski crystals; she still has to have a touch of that.”

Only 3 more months to go until “HSM3,” everybody! So you tell us: If you could have the dance moves of any character, who would you choose?

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