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Rumor: Easy Money aka Snabba Cash

26 March 2010


Steven Zeitchik has an article about Hollywood’s intentions of remaking a recent Swedish success in English. It seems that Warner Bros. is currently in the lead to land the English-language remake rights and have Zac in mind to headline and produce the crime thriller. Obviously nothing is final but it doesn’t sound too bad. Check out the entire article:

Studios seek to snag Swedish sizzler ‘Snabba’

EXCLUSIVE: Unless you’re a particularly voracious cineaste, you’ve probably never heard of “Snabba Cash,” a piece of Stockholm-set, Swedish-language noir that was all the rage at the Berlin Film Festival this year (although it is fun to say the title aloud).


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Zac Closes First-Look Production Deal with Warner Bros.

18 February 2010


Amazing news! Zac closed a first-look production deal with Warner Bros. Here are the details from Mike Fleming at Deadline (18 February 2010):

Zac Efron Makes Overall Deal At Warner Bros; Studio Also Finalizing Deals With Robert Downey Jr And Affleck/Damon

UPDATE: Warner Bros has been as stingy as any major on handing out overall production deals to actors in recent years. But I’ve learned the studio has just given a first look 2-year deal to Zac Efron. And Warner Bros plans to buy pitches, spec scripts, and books for Efron and his still unformed company to develop as star vehicles. His manager, Alchemy Entertainment’s Jason Barrett, will be an exec producer on the projects. […]

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I can’t believe I’m doing this…

26 January 2008


Hi everybody!

I can’t believe I’m actually doing this but well… Yes, this is a blog about Zac Efron. Though I don’t want to compete with all the fan websites out there (they do all a lovely job), so this blog will focus exclusively on Zac’s film projects. Well that’s at least the plan.

Consequently you will find casting and project info (from announcements in the trade press to reviews of the movie), filming info as far as I can find it, on set and location tidbits but also info about the locations used. Basically everything which is relevant to the movie. I will not post articles which are only bad re-writes of the initial announcements (and often even introduce errors) and have zero new info. The blog will contain articles which have genuine (new) info – be it from a press release, a magazine or coming out of an interview. I’m still thinking about adding a gallery but even if I do so, it will only contain on set pictures, screencaps and perhaps promo pictures of the projects in question, nothing else.

Let’s see how it goes, I hope to see you around.

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