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The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud

13 August 2009


Zac signed up for a new movie, The Death and Life for Charlie St. Cloud, after he dropped out of Footloose back in March/April. The movie is a supernatural romantic drama based on Ben Sherwood’s novel of the same name and will be directed by Burr Steers and distributed by Universal in 2010.

The film recently started filming in Vancouver. Official shooting dates are from 31 July through 22 October 2009 (based on production lists from various Canadian guilds).

So far only a few cast members have been announced:

Here is a summary of the book courtesy of Ben Sherwood (note: synopsis naturally contains spoilers):


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First “HSM3” song released: “Now or Never”

12 July 2008


Radio Disney released the first song last night. It’s called “Now or Never” and it’s the opening number which is played during a basketball game between the Wildcats and another High School. Listen to it here:

ET Online also has a preview for the trailer/movie:

The full trailer and a 5-minute “First Look” from the Disney Channel will follow in the next days. They didn’t wait long to kickstart the promotion.

And finally, there is one brief video from the MTV Movie blog, where Ashley talks about her big musical number in HSM3. […]

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New article on “HSM3” in USA Today

7 July 2008


Troy & GabriellaUSA Today has a new article about HSM3 in today’s edition (7 July 2008). Additionally, a second report with Corbin Blue also has a few tidbits.

Here’s what we learn in the article – WARNING Spoilers:

  • 45-day shooting schedule; it might have been tight and long days but they succeeded
  • Production values went up but are still in line with the previous look-and-feel of high school
  • Budget is bigger for HSM3 compared to the previous two (the article say they don’t know how much; IMDb says it’s $33 mil which seems realistic)
  • The finale is a big dance-and-song number on the football field – it’s the graduation scene
  • The movie includes a over-the-top number for Sharpay. It’s a dream sequence, in which she envisions herself and twin brother Ryan (Grabeel) as superstars. The song for it is I Want It All. In that number Troy plays a crazed fan at a movie premiere for Sharpay and is dressed in a T-shirt with Sharpay’s image silk-screened on the front and has a big red heart tattoo on his bicep with an “SE” (for Sharpay Evans) in its center. The number has 4 minutes screentime and took 3 days to shoot.
  • Troy and Chad have a big musical number The Boys Are Back. The number is in the junkyard where their characters spent a lot of their childhood pretending to be pirates and ninjas. It’s a whole fantasy about them being kids again. For the flashback scenes, child actors were cast to play young Chad and Troy — with the junior Chad donning a wig resembling Bleu’s trademark locks.
  • Corbin’s dad will also play Chad’s dad in HSM3

And here is the full article: […]

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Extra set report from “M&OW” filming

13 March 2008


A girl on Zefron.com has been an extra on the set of Me and Orson Welles on the 7th and 9th of March and posted on 10 March 2008 about her experience.

She was part of the theatre audience and talked about the filming of the Richard (Zac) and Orson (Welles) stage scene where Zac’s character plays the ukulele and sings as well as the curtain call and that they shot a lot of audience reaction shots.

Here is a composition of her posts:

I spent the 7th and 9th March on set at the Gaiety Theatre in the Isle of Man as an extra, a member of the theatre audience watching the 1937 performance of Julius Ceasar at the Mercury Theatre. Here’s a summary of what we got up to.


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Plot summary & name change for “17” to “Seventeen Again”?

31 January 2008


There is now one more piece of evidence that Zac’s movie might change its name to “Seventeen Again”.

Comingsoon.net had a chat with Adam Shankman (who is producing the movie) about his upcoming project as director “Bedtime Stories” on the set of Zac’s movie. It seems that in the interview Zac’s film was referenced as “Seventeen Again”. A few websites (including the New York Times and comingsoon.net) have already updated their movie page with that name.

Also, comingsoon.net has a really nice and longish summary on their movie page:



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