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Two New Projects for Zac

27 January 2010


Zac scored two new projects. The Hollywoodreporter and Deadline are reporting that Zac signed up to Fire, a Universal spy triller and an untitled BTTF-like project at the WB to headline and exec produce. Here are the full articles:

From Heat Vision @ The Hollywoodreporter (27 January 2010).

Zac Efron to star in spy thriller from Marvel scribe Brian Michael Bendis

Universal is on “Fire.”

The studio has picked up the rights to the graphic novel by Brian Michael Bendis. Zac Efron is attached to star and will exec produce with his manager, Jason Barrett.


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The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud

13 August 2009


Zac signed up for a new movie, The Death and Life for Charlie St. Cloud, after he dropped out of Footloose back in March/April. The movie is a supernatural romantic drama based on Ben Sherwood’s novel of the same name and will be directed by Burr Steers and distributed by Universal in 2010.

The film recently started filming in Vancouver. Official shooting dates are from 31 July through 22 October 2009 (based on production lists from various Canadian guilds).

So far only a few cast members have been announced:

Here is a summary of the book courtesy of Ben Sherwood (note: synopsis naturally contains spoilers):


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3 new characters added to “HSM3”

24 March 2008

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Disney released a press release today (24 March 2008), announcing the addition of 3 new characters to High School Musical 3: Senior Year. New are

Here is the full press release:

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Small casting update on “M&OW”

11 March 2008


There are two more cast members for Me and Orson Welles.

First, according to the production database at the Hollywoodreporter, Zoe Kazan is also member of the cast. This looks like a promising casting – while not well known she has been staring in several movies with fantastic casts.

I’m wondering what she will play. I always thought that Imogen Poots would play Gretta but now I’m not so sure anymore. Considering that Zoe lives in NYC, I could imagine that she plays Gretta and Imogen has a part in the theatre/Orson Welles part of the movie. Or perhaps we get to see Caroline after all. We’ll see.

Additionally, Matthew Cottle has been seen on set dressed in period clothes so I guess it’s save to assume that he’ll be in there as well; his role is not known yet either.

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James Tupper joins “M&OW”

6 March 2008


The Hollywoodreporter reports (6 March 2008) that James Tupper joined Me and Orson Welles as Joseph Cotten.


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Extras casting for “Me and Orson Welles” needs up 800 people

2 February 2008


IoM Today had another article about the extras casting call on 31 January 2007. This time it specifically was for Zac’s movie. While it basically contains the same as the description from the extras casting agency I’ve posted about on 27 January, it does have a few new tidbits:

They need up to 800 extras: 240 people for all 3 dates (March 3, 4 and 9) and additional 390 people for March 9 (which makes it 630 extras total for that date).


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New casting and production info on “Me and Orson Welles”

31 January 2008

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More news from Variety (dated 31 January 2008) on Zac’s movie “Me and Orson Welles” today. Production as well as casting news…

Upfront the casting news: Kelly Reilly, Eddie Marsan, Leo Bill, Imogen Poots and Aidan McArdle. While I have to admit I’m not familiar with them, I’m still impressed with the casting of Zac’s co-stars. Looking at their IMDb pages – many of them are award-winning (stage) actors.

Claire Danes joins Linklater film

‘Me & Orson Welles’ stars Zac Efron


Claire Danes has joined Zac Efron in the cast of helmer Richard Linklater’s “Me & Orson Welles.”

CinemaNX, the new production venture backed by the Isle of Man film fund, is producing and financing the project, which starts shooting later this month in England, the Isle of Man and New York.

Adapted by Holly Gent Palmo and Vincent Palmo Jr. from Robert Kaplow’s novel, the movie is a coming-of-age romance set in the New York theater world of the 1930s.

Efron plays a teenage student who stumbles into a minor role in the Mercury Theater production of “Julius Caesar,” directed by the 22-year-old sensation Orson Welles (played by newcomer Christian McKay).

Ben Chaplin, Kelly Reilly, Eddie Marsan, Leo Bill, Imogen Poots and Aidan McArdle round out the cast.

Marc Samuelson is producing for CinemaNX alongside Linklater and Ann Carli. Exec producers are Steve Christian of CinemaNX; John Sloss of Cinetic Media, who is handling North American sales; and Steve Norris of Framestore Features, which is co-financing the movie.

Odyssey Entertainment and Cinetic jointly handle international sales.

I’ve already started last night to put a post together on all the producers, financing and their connections but it’ll take me a while to finish that.. there are several links.


Several other publications have also picked up the news in the meantime. It’s basically the same content, but I’ll post them here for completeness sake.

From the Hollywoodreporter (dated 1 February 2008):

New recruits sign on for ‘Orson Welles’

LONDON — Claire Danes, Eddie Marsan, Leo Bill and Imogen Poots have joined the cast of RIchard Linklater’s “Me and Orson Welles,” an adaptation of the period coming-of-age novel by Robert Kaplow.

They join Zac Efron and Ben Chaplin in the cast for the 1937-set movie, which centers on a high school student (Efron) who, while strolling the streets of New York, happens upon the yet-to-open Mercury Theatre and is noticed by its mercurial founder, Orson Welles.

He lands a bit part in “Julius Caesar,” the production that catapulted Welles to the top, and spends the next week learning about life and love.

Newcomer Christian McKay plays Welles, and Chaplin (“Water Horse: The Legend of the Deep”) has been cast as English film and stage actor George Coulouris.

The script was penned by Holly Gent Palmo, who worked on Linklater’s “Dazed and Confused,” and Vince Palmo, who is a long time collaborator with the director.

Ann Carli is producing the film, which is scheduled to shoot on the Isle of Man, London and New York beginning in February.

With backing from the Isle of Man Film Commission and Framestore Feature, the title is produced by Marc Samuelson (“Stormbreaker,” “Wilde”), Carli and Linklater with Steve Christian, John Sloss and Steve Norris taking executive producer roles.

Cinetic Media will handle domestic sales, and Cinetic Media and Odyssey Entertainment are jointly appointed to rep foreign sales on the project.

From ComingSoon.net (dated 30 January 2008):

Cast Rounded Out for Me & Orson Welles

Claire Danes, Kelly Reilly, Eddie Marsan, Leo Bill, Imogen Poots and Aidan McArdle have joined Zac Efron, Christian McKay and Ben Chaplin in Me & Orson Welles, reports Variety.

Directed by Richard Linklater, the drama starts shooting in England, the Isle of Man and New York in late February.

Adapted by Holly Gent Palmo and Vincent Palmo Jr. from Robert Kap-low’s novel, the movie is a coming-of-age romance set in the New York theater world of the 1930s.

Efron plays a teenage student who stumbles into a minor role in the Mercury Theater production of “Julius Caesar,” directed by the 22-year-old sensation Orson Welles (McKay).

It’s also in a whole bunch of other publications which I’m not going to post here. However, not surprisingly they can’t even make a summary/re-write of a news items without introducing some stupidity. Since when is a movie automatically a romantic comedy only because he contains a storyline where a protagonist falls in love with a woman?!?! Admittedly I haven’t read the book yet but from all the summaries I’ve seen, this is not a romantic comedy and that is nowhere mentioned in the original articles either. But I guess that would require those “magazines/websites” to use their brain and/or do a 5-second research which I assume is too much to ask.

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Claire Danes joins “Me and Orson Welles” *updated*

30 January 2008


According to an article in the IoM Today from today, 30 January 2008, Claire Danes has joined the cast of “Me and Orson Welles”. Here is the article:

Zac Efron confirmed for Isle of Man film

IT’S been confirmed High School Musical heart-throb Zac Efron will star in a film to be made in the Island next month.
The news was first broken by iomtoday in mid-January but Isle of Man Film has today (Wednesday) officially announced Efron will spend close to a month filming Me and Orson Welles in the Isle of Man.


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Extras Casting Call for “Me and Orson Welles”

27 January 2008


One of the casting agencies on the Isle of Man has published a casting call for extras on “Me and Orson Welles” on their website:

We are filming in March a period film set in 1937 to be filmed in the Gaiety Theatre on the 3rd 4th and the 9th March. We are looking for Males & Females aged between 20-70 to be part of the theatre audience, you can do the 3rd & 4th the 9th or all 3 days.
Ladies to be no bigger than dress size 16 & to have available black, navy or grey knee length skirt & dark court shoes. Hair to be bob or shoulder length
Men to be no bigger than chest 44″ & to have available black trousers ,black shirt & light shirt.
Hair to be no shorter than short back & sides.
Payment £80 per 12 hrs overtime £10 hr thereafter
If costume fitted £15 Haircut £15
If you are interested please register online (front page become a film extra)
If you are successful you must access the website every day to see further information, but we will contact you in the meantime, when sending details, please also email your availability for those dates.
Bev Lawley 415096 / 835100


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Current “17” casting summary (known status on 26 Jan 2008)

26 January 2008


Name Character
Zac Efron Mike O’Donnell @ 17 (1989)
Zac Efron Mike O’Donnell/Mark Freemann @ 17 (2008)
Matthew Perry Mike O’Donnell @ 36 (2008)
Leslie Mann Scarlett O’Donnell @ 36 (2008)
  Scarlett O’Donnell @ 17 (1989)
Michelle Trachtenberg Maggie O’Donnell
Sterling Knight Alex O’Donnell
Thomas Lennon Ned Freedman @ 36 (2008)
Tyler Steelman Ned Freedman @ 17 (1989)
Hunter Parrish Stan
Melora Hardin Julie Goodwin
Margaret Cho Mrs. Dell
Jim Gaffigan Coach Harvey

Status: 26 Jan 2008

Information about Thomas Lennon, Hunter Parrish, Margaret Cho & Jim Gaffigan courtesy of Meg @ Livejournal. Additionally, Zac has mentioned the Hunter Parrish casting in an extra interview during the HSM2 DVD launch and the casting of Thomas Lennon was mentioned in an article in Entertainment Weekly.

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