7 July 2008


“M&OW” tidbits from an article in ‘The Providence’

I still have to do some catching up on “M&OW” but thought I’ll post at least the new stuff so I won’t get further behind.

There is a new article in The Providence (7 July 2008) with James Tupper which has a reasonable part about Me and Orson Welles. Here are the relevant sections:

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6 July 2008


’17 Again’ round up

I’ve been not very good at updating the blog… I’ll try to improve. In that light, here’s a catch up on everything related to 17 Again. Not a lot has happened since my last posts, so this should bring the blog up-to-date at least for that movie.

First off, the release date has been pushed back from the initially rumored 15 August 2007. I’m glad it got postponed – the 15 August date was not good. Way to crowded for the film – it would have been crushed. While there is no official announcement, it seems that the release is currently targeted at 20 February 2009. I’m not thrilled with that date either (my preference would have been second half of April) but it’s still better than the August date. Continue reading…

4 May 2008


Round up on “HSM3”

HSM3 PosterI’m sorry, I haven’t been updating in the last few weeks – nothing really major happened but a lot of small tidbits became available. I’ll start with a round up on HSM3 and will follow on the other two projects a bit later.

The most obvious news: filming started yesterday, 3 May 2008 in SLC. Disney has already started their marketing despite the fact that the cameras just started rolling. They’ve already released the first poster (left – big version in the gallery). We also got to see and hear the entire main cast (minus Lucas), director, writer and producers in a press conference on Friday, 2 May 2008 to announce the start of production. They didn’t give away much about the movie itself, most talk was about how excited everyone was to be back, blah blah. The best online video of the press conference can be found on Utah’s Fox site (Part one is here, part two you find in the sidebar of the same page). Their video is basically straight through without any edits or cuts.

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9 April 2008


“M&OW” is looking for dance extras for 11 April 2008

One of the owners of “The London Swing Cats” posted on the Swing Junction message board (on 1 April & 7 April 2008) that they are looking for dance extras for Me and Orson Welles to film on 11 April 2008. Based on this it seems likely that Zac is at least until then in the UK (no info is available if it might be even longer – nobody knows at the moment when Me and Orson Welles will wrap filming).

Obviously it doesn’t state if Zac will be there but considering that he is in almost all the scenes in the book I would assume he is. Based on this info, it looks like we will see Zac dancing two classic dances from the 1930’s. I’m looking forward to see that.

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7 April 2008


“M&OW” still filming in the UK

The Croydon Guardian posted an article on Friday, 4 April 2008, that Me and Orson Welles was filming all day in the Crystal Palace Park.  Filming should wrap soon though.

Film makers find Crystal Palace Park to be the perfect setting
By Cara Lee

Crystal Palace Park was transformed into a bustling film set today, much to the excitement of the park’s users and nearby residents.

After speculation mounted about what was happening in the park, it was revealed the historic site was being used to shoot scenes for Me and Orson Welles, which stars A-listers Clare Danes, Ben Chapman and Zac Efron.

A spokesman for CinemaNX, the company making the film, confirmed filming was being carried out around the steps leading up to the site of the old Crystal Palace, which was bombarded with members of the crew and cast, including Zac Efron and Zoe Kazan who play the lead roles. A facade of New York’s Mercury Theatre was set up there for the scene.

He said the crew will only be at the site today.

The film, directed by Richard Linklater, is a coming-of-age romantic comedy set in the 1930s about a teenager, played by Zac Efron, who is cast in the Mercury Theatre production of Julius Caesar, directed by a young Orson Welles.

It is due to be released sometime next year.

24 March 2008

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3 new characters added to “HSM3”

Disney released a press release today (24 March 2008), announcing the addition of 3 new characters to High School Musical 3: Senior Year. New are

Here is the full press release:
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16 March 2008


F/X company as exec producer on “M&OW” – provides also technical expertise

Variety has an interesting article about Framestore, a leading F/X company, which has started producing movies now as well. One of the first pics in question is Me and Orson Welles. The article mentions that Framestore does not only invest in the movie as executive producer but also provides it’s technical expertise – providing technology which is normally not available to lower budget movies.

This of course make me wonder what special effects we will get to see in M&OW. Having read the book there are not many scenes which I would imagine fx would be used – the sprinkler scene comes to mind but other than that…; on the other hand, I don’t know anything about filming a movie so there are probably many situations where the movie could benefit. Here’s the article:

F/X house going into producing
Framestore backing Linklater ‘Orson Welles’

Fresh from winning its first Oscar for the armored bears and icy wastes of “The Golden Compass,” U.K. visual effects house Framestore CFC is dipping its toe into film production in its own right.

The company’s new Framestore Features arm is backing Richard Linklater’s “Me and Orson Welles,” currently shooting on the Isle of Man, a coming-of-ager set in 1930s Broadway starring Zac Efron; Chris Smith’s supernatural thriller “Triangle,” set to roll next month in Australia; and a slate of five genre movies from new Northern Irish outfit Generator Entertainment, starting with Paddy Breathnach’s “Red Mist.”

Framestore is investing in the movies as an exec producer — but more importantly, it is providing its technical expertise to open up creative horizons for filmmakers operating at budget levels where state-of-the-art f/x are not usually an option.

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13 March 2008


Extra set report from “M&OW” filming

A girl on Zefron.com has been an extra on the set of Me and Orson Welles on the 7th and 9th of March and posted on 10 March 2008 about her experience.

She was part of the theatre audience and talked about the filming of the Richard (Zac) and Orson (Welles) stage scene where Zac’s character plays the ukulele and sings as well as the curtain call and that they shot a lot of audience reaction shots.

Here is a composition of her posts:

I spent the 7th and 9th March on set at the Gaiety Theatre in the Isle of Man as an extra, a member of the theatre audience watching the 1937 performance of Julius Ceasar at the Mercury Theatre. Here’s a summary of what we got up to.

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11 March 2008


Small casting update on “M&OW”

There are two more cast members for Me and Orson Welles.

First, according to the production database at the Hollywoodreporter, Zoe Kazan is also member of the cast. This looks like a promising casting – while not well known she has been staring in several movies with fantastic casts.

I’m wondering what she will play. I always thought that Imogen Poots would play Gretta but now I’m not so sure anymore. Considering that Zoe lives in NYC, I could imagine that she plays Gretta and Imogen has a part in the theatre/Orson Welles part of the movie. Or perhaps we get to see Caroline after all. We’ll see.

Additionally, Matthew Cottle has been seen on set dressed in period clothes so I guess it’s save to assume that he’ll be in there as well; his role is not known yet either.

9 March 2008


“M&OW” Article in IoM Today

IoM Today published an article on 6 March 2008 about “Me and Orson Welles” based on the press conference I’ve been posting about the other day. Mostly a recap of the video; it doesn’t contain a lot of new info but it confirms that filming will take place in PineWood (only) after they wrap in IoM and then move on to NYC. And they have the big stage play this Sunday with 570 extras in the audience. It does have some interesting information about how the Gaiety theatre works well as double for the Mercury.

Zac Efron – what’s all the fuss about?


UNLESS you’re a girl under the age of 17, or a parent, it’s entirely possible you had no idea who Zac Efron or what High School Musical was until the past couple of weeks.

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